Electrical-Mechanical Soldering Assembler -Class III Solder Certified

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The Electrical-Mechanical, PCB and Cable Assembler will perform a variety of electronic assembly operations. Candidate must be capable of passing IPC-A-610 or J-STD-001 Class 3 Certified Application Specialist course and inspection against these standards. A current J-STD-001 Class 3 or IPC-610 Class 3 certification is required.  You may be asked to inspect others work per J-STD-001 Class 3.  We offer competitive compensation, a fun, challenging work environment, as well as a great benefits package.

PCB Assembly duties include pepping CCA's (circuit card assembly), soldering hand placed SMT (surface-mount technology), thru-hole parts, touch-up of CCA's (including jumpers), and reworking (R&R) CCA's and other assemblies.  The candidate will perform all aspects of prototype and production assembly.

Must be proficient in hand soldering of surface mount PCBA assemblies with water soluble and flux. Proficient in both through hole and surface mount parts as small as 0402.

Electro-Mechanical Assembly duties include prepping and integrating chassis, related electro-mechanical assemblies, crimping, stripping, cable routing, staking, splicing, marking, labeling, soldering, and performs all aspects of prototype and production assembly.

Cable Assembly duties include routing/ties wires to form wire harness used in electrical and electronic equipment or systems.  Ability to read instructions such as work orders, diagrams, and wire lists to determine materials needed and sequence of assembly. Select wires of specified color, determine marking, length, and loop wires between guide pegs on harness board, following color-coded lines or sequential numbers on board or diagram. Ability to wrap and tie wires together at designated points to form harness, manually or using tie-wrap gun. The candidate may attach ends of wires to components, plugs, or terminal strip, using soldering iron or crimping device. They may insert cable in plastic tubing or inject plastic sealant around terminals to protect cable from dust and moisture, mark completed harnesses, and may test wiring continuity, using a continuity tester.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for completing company paperwork and following company procedures, including work order, rework instructions, prints, drawings, and schematics. This individual will read assembly drawings and apply special instructions in drawing notes. Ability to read work orders, follow production drawings, and sample assemblies, or receive verbal instructions regarding duties is a must. This position requires basic computer skills and the ability to lift and move assemblies up to 50 pounds.


Must have a High School Diploma or GED and at least 5 years of related experience. Must have expertise in pad and trace repair, production soldering of fine pitch parts, as well as rework and repair expertise. Must be able to perform job duties with little to no assistance. Must have the level of expertise and interpersonal skills sufficient to provide on the job training to other assemblers. Experience working to schematics, process details and engineering drawings is required.

U.S. citizenship required.

Candidate must be self-motivated and comfortable working in a fast-paced engineering environment.


  • Salary will be based on experience.
  • Coda Octopus Colmek provides medical, vision, dental, life, and disability Insurance.
  • Paid holidays and vacation.
  • 401 (k) option
  • Work is full time (40 hours per week).

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