Survey Engine® Automatic Object Detection Package (SEADP)

SEADP, a new product for the subsea geophysical market, uses artificial intelligence (AI) based techniques to analyze object and shadow details to detect objects and calculate their measurement properties. Trained on 29,000 boulders, manually tagged by professional geophysicists, with varied input parameters (sonars, resolutions, boulder size, seabed types) the algorithm generates highly accurate detection of boulders and their sizes in varying environments. Our current detection rate for boulders is 91% when compared to a manually tagged process.  The unreported 9% is outside of our current detection criteria due to size of the boulder. Those boulders that are 1 or 2 pings along track are outside of our detection criteria

For optimal results, objects should be more than 2 pings wide in the along-track direction and the raw sidescan data generally should be clean and noise free.

SEADP is an optional module for Survey Engine Sidescan+ and Survey Engine Mosaic+ , two fully integrated software modules which produce high quality mosaics, speeding up sidescan data processing, interpretation and processing for large, high resolution data sets.

Based on scalable database architecture, Survey Engine provides rapid access to all survey information, even in largest datasets. Integrating SEADP with our Survey Engine software takes the user from raw data files to fully interpreted and defined GIS and CAD deliverables in a seamless, integrated environment.

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